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Get ready to Shine inside and out. Visit Angelic Armour Healing to nurture your divine spirit, enhance your wellness, and happiness. What would your life look like with more peace and less chaos? Working as an Energetic healer Angelique works as a Body and Soul whisperer to discover what your story is.What blocks and restrictions are keeping you playing the same things on loop.Maybe it's Programming or limiting beliefs from your family or even past life.Are there curses or Karmic oaths,Vows , contracts or constraints from past life or Ancestral. Angelique is passionate about helping you unwind all the blocks and trauma so you can live to your full potential. Book a free discovery chat today.


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 Free your mind, body and soul.

Angelique has been working as an Energy Healer since 2011.Starting her journey working with the physical body as a Bowen Therapist. Along the way awakening her gifts using Energy to help others heal body,mind and soul. Some of the tools Angelique uses are Forensic Healing ,Womb Healing,

Soul Coaching, Soul Realignment, Access Bars, Bowen and Emmett Therapy, Akashic Record Reader, Ancestral Healing. Sister Circles Woman's Retreats and Workshops.



Something for Everyone

No matter where you are in your healing journey or your age I have so many tools that can help you heal and create big changes in your life.
I want you to become empowered and start to write your own story moving forward.
In person sessions at Selby or Pakenham @ Clover Wellness on Fridays. Energy healing available on zoom.


Energy Healing

$140  1hr

In this Energy Healing session Angelique will intuitively tune in to what your soul requires to remove blocks and trauma from your energy field and body.Whats not working in your life? Depression,anxiety and overwhelm are 

just some issues that can be helped with this session.Using forensic Healing as a starting point to find the who ,what, where and why then removing the stress by following one of many Healing pathways. Feel lighter with each layer we heal. Clearing statements, sound healing and other tools will be used as guided in a session.

1 hr session  $140


Soul Realignment

$200  2hr session

A Soul Realignment session is a discovery into who you are at Soul level. Accessing your Akashic Records Angelique will find and gather the following information 

Your Soul Group and soul Energy center. This is uniquely who you are ,your purpose, your gifts, strengths and weaknesses. You will understand yourself at such a deep level that you can live a life in alignment with soul. Also discover past life Vows, contracts, oaths and even karmic curses that can still be showing up. Angelique will then get two past life stories where you will see where programs that are running today originated. Then the clearing and collapsing of all the blocks and restrictions in your records is done.Arranging a phone session where all of the information is explained and clearing done.This is where questions are also answered.Session is recorded as there is so much information that you will want to go over.Homework is provided so you can lock in the changes made.Such a powerful session.

2 Hour reading $200


Womb Healing

$145  1hr

Angelique Has created a magical womb healing session that transforms your sacred feminine energy.

❤You are not touched in this session and are fully clothed.❤

Your scared womb space is like a junk draw where everything is stored.Emotional pain from low self worth, ancestral trauma carried down the line,sexual trauma from this life or any other,birth trauma, abortion,miscarriage, shame and grief.If you have any health issues with your womb including period pain, miscarriages, conception issues, any cancer or other medical conditions in and around the feminine centre. Trouble with intimate relationships. Not manifesting the life you desire These are something that can benefit from a womb healing.

1 hr session $ 150


Access Bars

$140 1hr

Access Bars is a gentle relaxing modality that gives powerful results to create more flow and ease. There are 32 points on your head that are touched lightly for a period of time. Each one relates to a limiting point of view and beliefs. What would it look like to have no judgements or points of  views on these things that cause you stress? Clear and release blocks while you lie and relax on the table.

1 hr session $140 in person


Bowen /Emmett

$90 1hr Adults  $70 children 0-15

Combining Bowen Therapy and Emmett technique during a session Angelique will use gentle moves to Realign and reset the body back into its natural state. Working gently over the fascia ,muscle and tendons for fast results. Great for all ages including the elderly, babies and children.

1hr session $90 adult

30 min children up to 14 yrs $55


House cleansing

From $180 

Angelique will come to your home or work space to cleanse and clear any negative energy. Our space hold the energy charge of things that occur and this energy can effect us. Feelings of heaviness and other emotions may not even be ours but we feel it when we step in the home. You may have some activity from spirits hanging around, good or bad they can be disruptive. Angelique uses more than just sage and will walk through the home with you explaining what she discovers. Closing portals and cleansing the land in the Akashic records is included. Bring out the best in your space.

From $190


 Soul Coaching

6 week packages available

Awaken Soul Healing 

Healer mentorship

If you are ready to have more ,be more, do more and create the life you deserve then 1 on 1 Soul coaching is for you. Programs are designed to each individuals needs. Using all of Angelique's toolbox working together to release blocks and beliefs. We will create awareness and new tools to bring you the life of happiness and abundance you desire.


Oracle Card readings

Committed to Quality

In this 30 or 60 min session Angelique will use Oracle cards and her psychic abilities to help you get clarity and direction in any area of your life.Sessions via zoom or in person.
From $50


Womans circles

Satisfaction Guaranteed

In person and online gathering if woman to connect with soul and with like minded woman.Meditations and a theme every circle.Fun and selfcare in a session how does it get any better than this?


Workshops for Children

Watching our children flourish.

Angelique facilitates Workshops for children of all ages.Working with managing their emotions and learning to trust themselves and being reminded that they are enough.


Womans Workshops

Awakening woman to their magic

Angelique runs a variety of workshops including.* crystals*manifesting*oracle 

Not sure which session is the right one for you? Book a free  discovery call  or press the contact button.


Angelique is so down-to-earth, real, and so gifted and intuitive.
I've had 2 Bowen sessions and a Forensic Healing. I wish I had've come across this sooner in my life. Physical pains have greatly reduced, and I feel renewed and whole again. This is by far, the quickest and most successful method of healing I've ever experienced. I highly recommended Angelique! Don't put it off!


Just wow! I came to Angelique for forensic healing, as patterns in my life keep repeating themselves and that these things were holding me back and constantly dragging me down. Well the blockages are now gone and I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and that I am ready to step into the light and leave all these things behind me. I came home and slept 12hrs and can’t believe how amazingly different I feel today. I can’t thank you enough.


I had an access bar session today. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I knew I could trust Angelique. She is gentle, kind and guides you in your healing journey. I’m so glad I had it done. I got to relax until I felt like I was floating. Now I feel peaceful within…neutral and allowing each moment to be ‘just as it is’.
Now I know I can achieve this peace…I will be coming back as needed. Thank you Angelique ❤️ - Toni 



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Angelic Armour Healing is set amongst the beautiful trees in Selby Victoria.Also in Pakenham on fridays. Plan some extra time after and grab a coffee or lunch in beautiful belgrave or the hills.Also most services available via zoom worldwide..


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